18th October 2010

I hope you´re happy now! Yes, you did it. You broke me, when I finally felt better again. I hate you!
You messed around with their son and that in a  really devious way.
First you took all his money, then you forced him to move into your smaller flat! Now you complain how small the flat is!
A bit later you kick him out for no reason. But the handbags he bought you, you keep.
It came out that you didn´t took the anti-baby-pill. This is where your plan begins.
You get on with him again. Of course. Its close to the holidays you all do. And you want to go too. I can´t and won´t come with you. Fuck you, bitch!
Well, you messed up the holidays. You b/f is not allowed to go anywhere except the Swarofsky-exhibition.
After that, i havn´t heard of you alot, my luck!
I try to be friends with you. It dosn´t work. You never have time. And the two brothers are not allowed to see each other!

But now I am the one who is on charge for that! Because you give birth to their grandchild in a few months. All the shit you did to thei son is forgotten and now you are their number one! You didn´t took the pill. You left your b/f in the thoughts that it will still work. But every doctor and every package information sheet will tell you something completly else.

"Between the last and the renewd taking of the medication should lay at least 3 months. A talk with your doctor is advisable."
(Internetpage for women-questions)

Well thats shit, right? And then you say to your guy that he is allowed to fire inside of you. Was he lucky about that? I bet he fuckin was! And now?
Well, your in the third week. What? Did you make a pregnancy test each week?

" Most women notice an unplanned pregnancy between the 5th and the 8th week"
(Internetpage for women-questions)

But that doesn´t matter anymore. Now they love you, because you´re gravid! From their son. Done that good, fuckin stupid cunt!
They hate me, just because I ain´t glad for your devious plan! They hate me, because I hat you and your child.
I break into pieces because of you.

But the bastard is no assurance that you will be together with him till theend of your lifes.

I hope that some day he will open his eyes and leave you both. That is my wish to you. That your plan won´t work out...

18.10.10 22:39

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